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Emerald is the green variety of beryl. In Pakistan, it is found in the talc-carbonate schist in Swat. The specimen range between low quality pale green to green hue marred by numerous inclusions. Fine quality of an exquisite bluish or yellowish green shade and is highly transparent. The best Swat emeralds were comparable to fine.


Day-01: Arrival to Islamabad airport, meet with our guide and transfer to the hotel, in the rest of time sightseeing of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, visit of gemstones and jewelry shops in Islamabad, overnight at hotel
Day-02: Drive to Swat Valley 5-6 hours drive, overnight at hotel
Day-03: Visit to Emerald mine and meet with miners and dealers in Swat Valley/hotel
Day-04: Drive to Peshawar and visit of Nameek Mandi (International Gemstone market in Pakistan) 
Day-05: Full day visit Peshawar/hotel
Day-06 Drive to Islamabad/hotel
Day-07: Departure from Islamabad (drop to the airport)